Global Brand Strategy


How do you know whether you are managing a strong global brand? Here is a simple test:

1. Are you generating more than half your revenue and most of your growth outside your home market?
2. Does a massive percentage of your firm’s market value lie in the equity of its brands?
3. Are you promoting branded products and services over the Internet?

If you answered yes to all three, then—congratulations!—you have a strong global brand. If you answered yes to only one or two, then—congratulations again!—you have much potential. This book speaks to four types of managers: those who want to strengthen already strong global brands, those who want to launch their brands globally and get results, those who need to revive their global brand, and those who need to stop the bleeding.

“Global branding is the ultimate growth vector and this book will help you get it right with up-to-date analyses of the marketing activities and organizational structures and processes that will lead to excellence in global brand strategy and brand building across countries. I really liked the practical tools and frameworks provided, and clarity with which the benefits and challenges of incorporating corporate social responsibility in the brand proposition are outlined.”

David Aaker, Author of Aaker on Branding, Vice Chairman of Prophet